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Why our adopted PAYBOX SYSTEM

The techniques used and the absence of clear printed mentioning the credit card number , PAYBOX says it is safer to pay with their system in most shops.

More through PAYBOX SYSTEM you do not create a specific account and you avoid and "pirates" will contact you by email to deceive you and ask for your bank details ...

The entire payment process to be executed between the buyer and PAYBOX is fully encrypted and protected. The SSL protocol is coupled to the electronic banking .

Information related to the order and the number of the card therefore not circulate on the Internet . Everything is encrypted !

1 - The credit card number is by no means printed on paper , bill, slip or any other listing.

2 - The merchant has no knowledge of card numbers .

3 - PAYBOX does not store card numbers after transmitting the payment transaction to the merchant's bank .

In this way, no one has access to credit card details of customers or by computer , or printed manner.

PAYBOX and says the risk of being " hacked " his credit card number when making a purchase on a website with PAYBOX SYSTEM is zero.

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